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Did you get the right product?

The weather is getting hot, mosquitoes have started up. Many people believe that in the face of the market has a superb collection of beautiful things of mosquito repellent products. Electric mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent, mosquito lamp, mosquito repellent bracelet , we can choose on different occasions and time for our mosquito repellent bracelet factory.

When you are in the choice of mosquito repellent products, you should try to choose the familiar regular products, in a sense, consumers are familiar with the domestic and foreign well-known brand manufacturers have standardized production line products, and the development of high standard and perfect quality control system, in the quality of products and production processes are guaranteed condi. Is the production of mosquito repellent wristbands and stickers professional manufacturers.

Buy mosquito repellent products you need to carefully check the product composition and content in the purchase of mosquito repellent products, should pay attention to check whether the drug label ingredients and content. Because the drug content directly affects the mosquito killing effect duration, high levels of harmful to human health.

Note that the number of mosquito repellent products certification you don't know? Who declared that "mosquito mosquito" products have been listed in the pesticide registration number and packaging labels can be listed by the State Department of pesticide. Officially registered pesticide registration number in PD, PDN or WP, with WPN, and the temporary rank with LS or with WL: pesticide production approval number of insect repellent products is generally HNP. At the beginning of consumers in the purchase of mosquito repellent products, need to carefully check the packaging, whether the license number of pesticide registration, product standards and production approval number, purchase after pesticide registration, and obtain the certificate of approval for the production of normal pesticide products. 4, the new products to be tested for the new production, the new brand mosquito repellent products, to be part of the trial without allergic reactions, and then use a large area

mosquito repellent bracelet factory

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