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Why customers choose a mosquito repellent bracelets drive mi

Made of pure natural citronella oil, by the plant itself to the taste of mosquito repellent! Rather than chemical! Each module to maintain up to 96 hours effective mosquito repellent, requires a certain degree of smell, but the smell is completely natural and will not cause harm to the body. Supermarket can buy a lot of flavor without insect repellent, a little taste are not, but that is chemical, it’s bad for our health.

For ourselves and our family's health, we must choose a good insect repellent products.Mosquito nets space is too small, once the skin is attached to the nets, mosquito will bites. Repellent liquid on the skin can cause irritation, long-term use can burn the skin, there is a tendency to skin cancer development. So repellent bracelet is the best choice.

And in so many manufacturers, why the mosquito repellent bracelet customer will buy our mosquito repellent bracelet?

Our mosquito repellent bracelet is made of pure natural citronella oil, with dried lemongrass distillation, such as taste fruity and lavender comprehensive. The most important feature is lemongrass insecticide, the most suitable for use in the summer. It is fairly well-known insect repellent essential oils, and harmless to human body. Warm calm herbal smell also suitable for assisting the elderly and infirm body nursed back to health, but also to give infants and children the psychological comfort, such as infants and young children sleep at night caused by mosquitoes more unstable, the night crying. Not only to meet the requirements of mosquito repellent bracelet customer wants to prevent mosquito bites, safety and environmental protection.

mosquito repellent bracelets

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